Monday, October 25, 2010


[Fitness] [Sense] [Mind] [Emotion]
Each start at 3, and you have +3 points to raise them and one -1 to decrease. Raising a stat from 4 to 5 with these points costs 2 instead of 1.

11 points for each pool of skills (grouped by attributes). Raising a skill from 4 to 5 costs two points.

[Melee Weapon Training] [Ranged Weapon Training] [Block] [Dodge] [Parry]
Not attached to attributes and range from 1-10. Sometimes they will be used with an attribute, though (like when using Mind to feint) in which case the skill level will be halved and rounded down.
These are raised with floating dice.

Raised separately, also with floating dice.

You have 40 floating dice to put into any stat or skill, and 20 noncombat floating dice to put into any stat or skill other than the 5 combat skills. Prices for raising attributes and certain skills are outlined in this spreadsheet.

Max heavy armor total across all locations = 5+Fitness
Maximum 3 HAR per hit location, max 2 LAR. LAR worn under HAR now counts toward the maximum HAR on that hit location.
For example, you can now have 2 LAR and 1 HAR on a single location or 2-3 HAR, but not 2 HAR and 2 LAR like before.
Heavy armor blocks 1 point of killing and 1 point of shock.

In addition to the hit points per location, if a character takes 15 total shock and/or killing damage they are knocked unconscious. 

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